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[Veterans] [1] Veterans State Park, Boise, Idaho [Fairmont] [2] Fairmont Junior High School, Boise, Idaho [/] [3] Hillside Junior High School, Boise, Idaho [Willow] [4] Stewart Gulch, Boise, Idaho [Hull] [5] Hull's Gulch, Boise, Idaho [Ann Morrison] [6] Ann Morrison Park, Boise, Idaho [Julia Davis] [7] Julia Davis Park / BSU Campus, Boise, Idaho [Simplot] [8] Simplot Sport Complex, Boise, Idaho Simplot Sport Complex (East Entrance), Boise, Idaho [Willow] [9] Willow Sport Complex, Boise, Idaho [/] [10] Thorn Creek, McCall, Idaho [/] [11] Bear Basin, McCall, Idaho [/] [12] Ponderosa State Park, McCall, Idaho [/] [13] Tamarack Resort, Donnely, Idaho [/] [14] Crown Point State Park, Cascade, Idaho [Rabbit Creek] [15] Rabbit Creek, Murphy, Idaho [RiverStone] [16] River Stone School, Boise, Idaho [/] [17] Camelback Park, Boise, Idaho [/] [18] Gold Rush Hills formerly known as Bear Run, Idaho City, Idaho