We had a great turnout on what initially appeared to be a very wet day. But
the weather let up and proved to be comparably excellent orienteering
conditions. This week we saw an upset in the long-standing beginner course
powerhouse of Masha Velichko, coming in a close second to the Leibowitz
team. This is the first time Mitchell ran the entire course without
stopping! Monica watched this time. Hopefully, all enjoyed the beginner
course. Brad Lowe, Angela Haener teamed with newcomer Cheri Lynne braved
the intermediate course, which turned out to be a course that was very
similar to the advanced course, to act as a decoy to the advanced runners.
The meet director deviously placed intermediate controls in the vicinity of
the advanced control location, except that the advanced control was slightly
more well hidden. This required careful attention by the advanced
participants in finding the correct control. The advanced course had the
largest showing with several triathletes who noted that advanced course
control #2 appeared to be in the river! This was taken as a triathlete
advantage, due to their swimming experience. Actually, due to the overnight
rain there was one advanced control that required, of me, a stream crossing
with no nearby rocks. Long-time rivals Jeff Black and Sergey Velichko
proved to be on top with competitors close on their heels. Jeff, if you
want to beat Sergey, you are going to have to memorize the course, as Sergey
does. Doug, your dog Tucker must be helping you find the controls. How did
you get so fast? Karen Didisse braved snow storm road conditions to
participate. Unfortunately control #2 and #4 had been removed from the
course prior to her arrival. We created an advanced/intermediate category
with the remaining advanced control settings. A very respectable time,

We hope you all enjoyed our December meet.

Assistant Meet Director,
David Bergset
Meet Director Ole Bergset

Meet Results

Bob, Mitchell Leibowitz             14:13
Masha Velichko                      16:40
Ted, Patsy, Oluvia, Emily Comstock  23:50

Brad Lowe                           27:15
Angela Haener & Cheri Lynne         59:50

Karin Didisse                       33:37

Sergey Velichko                     32:21
Jeff Black                          34:50
Ken Beckner                         36:58
Doug LaMott & dog Tucker            37:30
Bill Leahy                          38:43
David Bergset                       41:32
Lee Scott                           47:00