December 6, 2008
Meet Results: Julia Davis/BSU

With clear skies and temperatures near 50 at the end of the meet it turned out to be a perfect day for orienteering. There were several new faces and everybody was eager for an adventure. Maybe it was the weather, but because everybody was so eager we threw them all into the competitive classes.

Everyone was very promt and got out on the courses before noon. One highlight of the day was having a handful racers show up with their pre-printed and completed registration forms. It almost made things more hectic in a way. With all racers arriving to the meet fairly close in time and with their registration forms and money ready to go it created a small backlog of racers wanting to start. With a little bit of juggling they were on their way.

A big congratulations to John Murray who showed up at 10:30am to take advantage of the free training for beginners. John had never been orienteering before and with a few quick lessons in reading the maps and taking a bearing with a compass he was soon chasing down other competitors on the course. Infact, John took to it so quickly that he burned through all three courses giving Jeff Black a run for his money.

The Gasaway Family was also new to orienteering and decided the Beginner course just wasn't enough. They came back for seconds and headed out on the Intermediate course. And of course Sergey Velichko and Jeff Black took on the challenge of multiple course. Sergey ran the Intermediate course from memory and Jeff ran the trifecta again.

We did have one casualty on the Advanced course, the #10 control on the Northwest side of Bronco Stadium was picked up by BSU maintenance most likely, which caused several racers to lose time (no time adjustments were made).

Overall it was a great day and everybody seemed to be having a lot of fun, I know I did. We even got some glances from the new giraffes at the zoo.

Our next meet is on Saturday, January 17 at Willow Lane/Veterans Park (start Willow) with starts from 11AM - 1PM.
Advanced Course: Competitive 
Jeff Black              26:45 
Sergey Velichko         28:26 
Melanie & Greg Schuster 37:00 
Jeff Decker             39:25 
Bill Leahy              39:50 
Ken Beckner             42:40 
Tony Pori               45:00 
Karin Didisse           48:50 
John Murray             50:05* 

Intermediate Course: Competitive 
Jeff Black              12:30* 
Sergey Velichko         15:35* (from memory) 
John Murray             23:00* 
Vavricka family         23:10 
Donna Goodwin           24:40 
Gasaway family          41:00* 

Beginner Course: Competitive 
Jeff Black              05:12* 
John Murray             12:55 
Gasaway family          18:40 
* Run previous map with crossover controls 
Posted by Lee Scott