It was a dark and stormy night.... a perfect night for orienteering! Threatening weather didn't stop us from having a great turnout for the Saturday night event. Many families including small children tried navigating by flashlight, with success! Some very fast times were turned in, especially on the advanced course with some serious competition - only 14 minutes separates 2nd through 10th place. The beginner course also shows a similar tight grouping of times. Sergey overcame the difficulties of reading a map in the dark by simply memorizing the course, and leaving the map behind (it helps that he did much of the mapping for the area). Bill Leahy didn't get enough on the advanced course and went out again on the intermediate course, which he said had one of the most difficult control legs. Kristin had to keep to flat land with her stroller, so she was limited to the beginner course. The bouncing lights of the orienteers made for interesting viewing, especially for the curious people who lived in the condominiums overlooking the Complex. Lots of smiles were seen on the faces of the finishers, including the youngsters - we might just have to do this again some time!

Thanks to all who turned out, and hope to see you in the daylight next month at Ann Morrison park, Saturday Dec. 13, Starts 11-1pm. meet near the bridge.

- Karin Didisse, meet director

Advanced - 4.4 km. 
1. Sergey Velichko                     21:35 (memory) 
2. Jeff Black                          28:31 
3. Dave Ritzenthaler                   32:40 
4. Ivana Radiova                       33:28 
5. Dave Bergset                        35:10 
6. Travis Jones                        35:50 
7. Bill Leahy                          36:56 
8. Lee Scott                           37:47 
9. Doug LaMott                         39:42 
10. Andy Hill                          42:12 
11. Dan Herring                        68:20 
12. Jeremy Zerr                        76:14 

Intermediate - 3.3km. 
1. Bill Leahy                          29:50 (2nd course) 
2. Eric Zuber & Angela Haener          44:30 
3. Pat, Karen & Megan Doherty          63:10 
4. Brad VanRoosendahl                  63:20 

Beginner - 2km. 
1. Kristin Ritzenthaler w/baby         15:14 
2. Bob, Mitchell & Monica Leibowitz    25:24 
3. Greg Davidson                       25:30 
4. Miles & Austin Knowles              29:40 
5. Ian Lane                            33:00 
6. Dave & Fina Foster, Aubree Apperson 33:11 
7. David & Brandon Rigby               35:40 
8. Joel Hammer                         38:40