We had a blast this past Friday October 24 at the Julia Davis Park! Students of the GATE program came to the park to try orienteering course set around the Zoo. 1.6K course with 8 controls offered opportunity for all to try and learn everything we have heard in the class the day before. After a brief clinic groups of three to five moved to find all control flags. I hope everyone had fun including volunteer parents who came to the park to help with the organization. Many thanks go also to GATE program teachers and especially to Linda Stokes who had this wonderful idea to expose students to the orienteering.

Everyone did wonderful job finding all controls! The results for each group of students are published below. Not all names are typed correctly and some last names may be missed as I had difficulty interpreting handwriting. We will correct all mistakes after a feedback will be provided from the teachers.

We hope to see you all at the CTOC monthly meets. Our next meet is Night Orienteering at the Simplot Sport Complex Saturday November 15, 7 pm Ė 9 pm. Donít forget your favorite flashlight!

Sergey Velichko, Orienteering Class Instructor

Beginner Course:  1.6K, 8 controls
Group 1: 
Elyce Gosselin 
Landon Pifher 
Adam Jiang 
Spencer Bardoff 
Tyler Martindale                  23:08 

Group 2: 
Spenser Street 
Aurora Ostolasa 
Abbie Mocettini 
Jonah Egbert 
Calvin Furhiman                   49:28 

Group 3: 
Cole Vevig 
Andrew Parrish 
Jessie Berenter 
Josh Gray 
Thomas Rigby                      22:02 

Group 4: 
Sierra Atnip 
Kelsey Nelson 
Ryan Hoffman 
Madeline Pifher 
Kevin Belnap                      26:58 

Group 5: 
Colin Coffman 
Edward Hurtado                    28:40 
Chandler Campbell 
Jenni Hathaway 
Emily Cutler                      33:55 

Group 6: 
Kirsten Way 
Serena Runyan 
Ben Stringham 
Jordan kofoed                     21:58 

Group 7: 
Sarah Thompson Sr. 
Skye Baker 
Zack Zander 
Kaleigh Matindale                 28:55 

Group 8: 
Griffin Street 
Connor Davis
Ryan Becker                       32:19 

Group 9: 
Will Diamante 
Pauline Chane 
Alex Lee 
Juan Serrano                      21:00 

Group 10: 
Kelley Mooney
Cody Goin 
Erin Martin 
Soraya Yazdanpour                 30:40 

Group 11: 
Cassidy Howard 
Kevin Brown 
Sarah Thompson Jr.                39:39