As always we were blessed with wonderful October weather this past Saturday. Foothills were covered with fun yellow colors and worth grass season was already coming to the end :) Drinking as much as possible water was the rule of the day. Especially mid-day! Temperatures reached 90 at noon.

We even managed to run out of blank maps but thanks for the help from the world class adventure runner Michael Tobin we had enough supply to provide all who came for the meet.

Beginner course had two flavors: Mini and Standard. David Foster with little precious daughter took the Mini course and successfully found all 4 controls. Many newcomers and veterans alike tried Beginner Standard course which was on a little longer side with almost 3 km length and 100 m climb. All who started braved the heat and finished with smiles. Even little Monica smiled when the meet director applied some antiseptic onto cut on her palm. Cullum family duos competed to the last control head to head. I was very pleased to see some happy faces because I believe that orienteering is not about competition - it is family adventure time.

Really hot competition was on Intermediate course with young squads of runners and experienced adventure runners leaded head to head. Well, experience always count. However, looking at the performance of the juniors, seniors should be aware!

Three braves challenged Advanced course that stretched across the entire map and offered some difficult legs. Michael Tobin showed very impressive time and edged our veteran Jeff Black. Doug LaMott was third.
Mini Course: 1.9K, 80m, 4 controls
David Foster & daughter           40:42

Beginner Course:  2.9K, 100m, 7 controls
Jeff Fereday, Paul Montgomery,
Greg Montgomery                   32:16
Rochelle & Dan Cullum             43:53
Eric Zuber & Angela Haener        44:45
Jim & Natalie Cullum              45:35
Mitchell, Monica, and
Bob Leibowitz                     48:20
Kathryn Engle                     48:28
Kristin, Kayla, and
Lawalee Ritzenthaler              48:53
Arun Lokanathan Family            69:10

Intermediate:  3.9K, 280m, 9 controls
Brad Turpen                       41:35
Jordi Johnson, Charlie Fereday,
Luke Studebaker                   43:00
Rebecca Rusch                     44:45
Stuart Allyn, Tyler Allyn,
Connor Haunold                    53:40
Karin Didisse                     54:40
Mark Schoenfeld                   65:37
Bob Didisse                       DNF

Advanced:  5.75K, 550m, 13 controls
Michael Tobin                     57:41
Jeff Black                        58:15
Doug LaMott                       83:04

We hope to see you all at our next meet November 15 at Simplot Sport Complex! This will be Night Orienteering so don't forget to bring your favorite flashlight!

Sergey Velichko, Meet Director