Gorgeous weather set blue skies over Boise for our traditional October Metrogain. Trees just started to show golden colors that didn't obscure green grass and white and orange flags set across four different parks connected by the greenbelt. Orienteering enthusiasts gathered near Julia Davis park's rotunda for a mass start of the race. As Halloween was nearing so the race theme was sweet and orange. After short instructions at 11 o'clock all rushed toward first control with a speed of the mind.

Masha, fresh from the wins at North American Championships, posted best time on the beginner course being passed by Mal'chik only right at the finish. Darel, first time on an orienteering course, found all controls in one hour and 16 minutes.

On the Short version of the Metrogain Maico virtuously outrun Jeff Decker who rode bike with more than 1 minute difference. Man vs Bike score was set to 1:0 with man in the clear lead. Dondi and Sage finished ahead of Arun's family - both under two hours.

Main battle for the Jackie, "real" broom, and orange basket sweetened by huge amount of chocolate was unfolding meantime in the jungles of Veterans and Willow parks. Brad Acker on a bike emerged from the pampa bushes and covered last 100 m to the finish in the brave spurt still feeling breath of Jeff on his back. Only 52 seconds separated men from declaring absolute win over the machine. At the end it was tie 1:1 and must be resolved next time! Doug finished in a good style third and immediately refreshed himself with a chocolate bar that was won righteously. Michael even with twisted ankle finished forth. We wish Michael full and fast recovery! Tony and Kristin posted very close times. Ole finished smiling though having couple difficult controls. Lee finished not far behind. Unfortunately, Bill lost his last map and couldn't finish entire course but we are sure that he will show perfect form and navigation at our future meets.

It was really nice to see you smiling and enjoying the courses. Next year Metrogain is scheduled to take part on the foothills with more interesting twists and challenging courses.

Here are the results:
Beginner:  3.1km, 11 controls
Masha Velichko & Malchik        30:40 
Darel Pedersen                1:16:10 

Short:  ~7K, 21 controls 
Maico Somairu                   44:42
Jeff Decker                     45:50 (bike)
Dondi Black & Sage            1:51:58
Arun Lokanathan and family    1:53:11

Advanced:  ~12K, 30 controls
Brad Acker                    1:07:17 (bike)
Jeff Black                    1:08:09
Doug LaMott                   1:16:39
Michael Bading                1:18:46
Tony Pori                     1:19:04
Kristin Ritzenthaler          1:19:08 
Ole Bergset                   1:22:14
Lee Scott                     1:30:39
Bill Leahy                    DNF

Many thanks to all who helped with the Metrogain organization, especially to Natasha, Masha, and Dasha who covered all the registration and finish area for Beginner and Short courses, and Maico and Jeff for helping to collect controls!

Your meet director,
Sergey Velichko