CTOC hosted National Orienteering Day event in Julia Davis park Saturday September 20. Wonderful indian summer weather met scores of newcomers who came to the park to try the sport of orienteering. After brief clinics families, pairs, and solos alike went onto the beginners course that was set around the Zoo. 1.7K and 7 control course offered challenging and interesting route choices and sense of orienteering. Lexy and Bill, Brandy and Eric, Charlie and Valerie, Comstocks, Paul, Vern, and Annette Child, big Leibowitz family, Joe and Joann, and Ivana Radlova - everyone found and punched all correct controls. We hope that you enjoyed this experience! Masha Velichko went on the course solo first time in her orienteering career (no shadowing by dad or mom). She was so happy to find all controls and discuss route choices with her dad.

Some first comers braved to try more advanced courses. Both loops of the advanced courses circled the park and went onto the other side of the river crossing the BSU campus. Tne first loop was 4.1K, 10 controls and the second loop was 4.0K, 1 2 controls. Paul and Vern, Joe and Joann braved the difficulties of the first loop and all finished with very respectful times. Lexy and Bill finished both very difficult loops! So nice to see such enthusiasm! Our experienced and advanced runners Doug LaMott, Lee Scott, and Dan Herring (with the black running dog) finished both loops with Doug edging others and showing the best time of the day.

At the end everyone had a chance to win a prize - thanks to the NOD sponsor Brunton! If you didn't pickup your prize - come to me at the next meet and get it.

Many thanks go also to Karin Didisse who came from McCall to help with the event.

Sergey Velichko, NOD Director
Beginner Course:  1.7km, 7 controls
Ivana Radlova                  10:25
Lexy & Bill Leahy              15:20
Masha Velichko                 16:18
Brandy & Eric Wilsar           17:10
Charlie & Valerie Gonzales     27:08
Comstocks Family               27:33
Paul & Vern Child              27:41
Annette Child                  29:35
Leibowitz Family               28:31
Joe Novak & Joann Leone        40:10

Intermediate:  4.1km, 10 controls
Paul & Vern Child              49:50
Joe Novak & Joann Leone        78:35

Advanced:  4.1K, 10 cntrls + 4.0K, 12 cntrls
Doug LaMott                    51:49
Lee Scott                      54:44
Dan Herring                    72:27
Lexy & Bill Leahy              77:23

We hope to see you all at our next meet in Stewart Gulch!