Hi folks - here is the exciting wrap up to our version of Olympic competition up here in beautiful McCall Idaho - Bird's Nest Stadium (we mean a real bird's nest here!). We had unusually hot weather but I imagine it was much nicer than down in the valley, especially with a nice dip in the lake afterward. The meet was a score-O course with 17 total controls available and a 1.5 hour time limit. The controls were worth 1 point each and the overtime penalty was 1 point per 5 minutes over, which apparently the competitors realized made the time limit effectively 95 minutes and they made use of every minute. The best time management award goes to McCall local Doug Mastaler who competed without a watch and came in with 25 seconds to spare. A couple of controls gave some trouble; MM gave Doug L. so much trouble he gave up on it after a long search and LL gave a few trouble also.

[08/17/08 Score-O Course. Click for higher resolution.]
Here is a scan of the map, so the home audience can relive the excitement.

Dondi and Sheri took time out from the fabulous huckleberry picking to teach orienteering and find a few controls. Thanks to Ole, Erik, Luke, Dave, and Bill P. for helping with control pickup! Hope to see you all at the next meet Sept. 13.

- Karin
Name                           Time    Points   Penalty   Score
Lee Scott                      61:38   17       0         17
Jeff Black                     75:10   17       0         17
Bill Leahy                     93:11   17       0         17
Ole Bergset                    94:43   16       0         16
David Bergset                  81:18   14       0         14
Brad Acker, Beth Schadd (int)  82:27   14       0         14
Doug Mastaler                  94:35   14       0         14
Bob Didisse (int)              88:59   12       0         12
Doug LaMott                    99:23   12       -1        11
Luke Grange, Erik Bergset(int) 104:08  14       -3        11
Bill Pilcher                   116:07  17       -6        11
Dondi Black, Sheri LaMott(int) 88:25   4        0         4