Meet Results: Nehalennia: Goddess of Navigation

Sunday July 27, 2008

Racers were greeted with course designs from two different meet directors. This was the first course design for both Jeff Decker and Lee Scott with Jeff taking on the Beginner and Intermediate, and Lee taking on the Advanced course. Both directors were excited and nervous to find out how racers would handle each map. And as our sacrificial racers navigated the "novice" maps they also had to navigate their way through clouds of patchouli and incense, drum circles, and mass baptisms which were part of the Goddess Fest taking place in Julia Davis.

The Beginner map saw first time racers Maggie Kidd (11) and Carly Turpen (4). Both navigating their way around the park in respectable times. But Donna Goodwin and Maggie Gregory edged out the Maggie and Carly in the end.

The Intermediate map only had two takers and only one finisher. Dondi Black and Karin Didisse headed out on the Intermediate map and were both greeted with a missing control flag and "squatters" around another. About halfway through Karin decided to save her energy in preparation for next months meet at Bear Basin.

The Advanced map had five racers heading out on a "pilgrimage" on Lee's first attempt at a park meet. Each racer came back from their journey a changed person. Okay, that's a stretch, but they did see just about every nook and cranny of both parks. Each racer also got to "baptise" their shoes in order to get control #6 which was placed on one of the islands in the river. Jeff Black lead all racers, beating out Andy and son Elijah who were on their bikes. When he finished, Andy wanted to have a discussion about Lee's "bingo" controls (where one uses random luck) which made for an interesting park map. Bill Pilcher lost his Julia Davis map running between parks which he would need in order to find the last control. He hustled in to pick up a spare and headed back out to finish up the course. The final racer of the day was John Davies of New Zealand who was passing through Boise, looked up CTOC, and decided to try our local meet. John has been orienteering for over 30 years. He thought the course was great and was very impressed by all the people using each park for different activities.

Finally, there was lots of walk-up interest from individuals wanting to know more about orienteering, unfortunately no takers. Hopefully this will increase the participation for future meets.
Donna Goodwin & Maggie Gregory  0:19:45	   
Maggie Kidd 	                0:26:27	   
Carly Turpen (and Family)       0:40:00	   
Dondi Black                     1:41:32	   
Karin Didisse                   DNF	   
Jeff Black                      0:53:16	   
Doug LaMott                     1:09:45	   
Andy & Elijah Hill (bike)       1:10:56	   
Bill Pilcher                    1:48:50	   
John Davies                     2:13:40	 

Hope to see you all at Bear Basin