The 'May' orienteers were greeted by sun and dry conditions in the foothills - in spite of all the wet weather we have had this spring. The Bergsets (Ole and David) set the Advanced and Intermediate courses Friday night - neither one of us is real 'earlybirds'. After setting a 7-control Beginner course Saturday morning we were ready for 'action'.

Sergey and Masha were the first to show up - it is nice for us 'newbies' to have someone around who knows what they are doing. Sergey was soon busy explaining the finer points of orienteering to the less experienced. Before long he had signed up J.T. Canning as a new member - welcome to the club J.T.

We had no less than 6 runners setting out on the Intermediate course - Robert did the Beginner course first as a warm-up. Sergey was the only one to run the Advanced course - in a blistering pace, as usual.

Additional challenge was provided by the coursesetters as they had misplaced one of the controls - 'somewhat' - on the Intermediate course. Nuthin like look'n for something that ain't there! Still - everyone, except Sergey (!!?) found it. Soo, live and learn - we'll do better next time (ha).

Here are the results:

Beginner: 7 controls 


Robert Barrett            12:28

Intermediate:  11 controls 

Ben Hipple                42:00

Karin Didisse             1:05:00

J.T. Canning              1:08:15

Andy Hill                 1:08:18

Robert Barrett            1:17:50

David Byrd                1:20:12


Advanced: 16 controls


Sergey Velichko           59:08

Thanks Andy, for helping pick up controls during your race. And everyone, be sure to put the June meet(s) in McCall on your calendar.

Ole B.