Rabbit Creek O-Meet
Official Results

The fifth annual Rabbit Creek O-meet was a success with 20 combined participants in the beginner, intermediate and the most popular advanced course.

The advanced course was quite long at 10.2km and more than 360 meters of climb. The advanced course had 20 controls and several very long legs spread out over the rolling rocky terrain, making it more grueling than usual. Kristen Ritzenthaler blitzed the course to win out over Sergey Velichko (who previously ran the 5k intermediate course). Jeff Black followed Kristen and Sergey by a quarter hour to claim third place. Bill Leahy managed an excellent time only 5 minutes behind Jeff. Even though Bill complained the most about the long legs of anyone, when he was done complaining he still took an intermediate course map and did the 5K course in the best time of the day for that course! Looking at the times one might think that Russ and Jason Pilcher ran the course together, but Jason (Russ' son) actually started over 2 hours after Russ but still finished with a nearly identical time of 2:59, both barely breaking the 3 hr barrier. Genetics is amazing!

The intermediate course was plenty challenging at 4.7 Km considering the terrain. Bill Leahy did great considering he had just put in over 2 hours on the advanced course first! Masha did an awesome time and was only shadowed by Sergey to keep her safe from lurking mountain lions.

Only two parties made the trip out on the advanced course, with Gamid putting in a great time in just over half an hour!

Once again Russ came through with some great prizes, official Rabbit Creek 2008 lapel or hat pins with the customized rabbit-O logo. Russ made the trip all the way from Texas again to participate in the meet, but of course the alternative was to stay in Texas. Jason, also from Texas, totally surprised us all by flying in unannounced, from a business trip in Pennsylvania only the day before. I appreciate his efforts and participation.

Everyone who stayed around awhile afterwards seemed to enjoy telling war stories and eating up the tacos and drinking the beer and refreshments. We all missed Ole, who was nursing an injury after Robie Creek, and I hope he will be back next year. He should have at least come for the beer and tacos!!

Also a special thanks to FABI - O for his help in manning control #6 on the advanced course.

Advanced course:  10.2KM   350M
Kristen Ritzenthaler      1:41
Sergey Velichko           1:44
Jeff Black                2:06
Bill Leahy                2:11
Jay Morgan                2:42
Russ Pilcher              2:59
Jason Pilcher             2:59:01
Peter Ashwin              3:01
Doug Lamott               3:07
David Bergset             3:35
Brad Lowe                 4:12
Intermediate Course:   4.7km
Bill Leahy                1:20 (after running the advanced course)
Masha Velichko            1:23! (shadowed by Sergey, only shadowed)
Erick Bergset             1:49
Dondi Black               2:06
Jeff Decker
and Donna Goodwin         2:08
Beginner Course:
Gamid Abatchev            0:36
Dave,Kayla and Leo
Ritzenthaler              1:10
Thanks for coming
See you all next year!
Bill Pilcher