In spite of the bad weather prognosis calling for rain and gusts of the wind, the Veterans park greeted everyone who came for our April meet with sunshine and blue skies.
Beginners and experienced alike had the opportunity to gain their orienteering skills while exploring courses on the newly re-mapped area. 24 controls were strategically placed in the park and around the lake.
Our beginners and newcomers using new orienteering techniques all finished the Beginner course with 12 controls. I have to admit that some controls were on the advanced level so that made the course very challenging for all. Paul Pegorsch posted the fastest time on the course with JT Canning being the second. Big Moore Family was distracted by one wrongly copied control, however, managed to find them all! Congratulations on the first finished course! We hope to see your smiles again. Larry Beck fresh from his JROC memories came to enjoy the orienteering again. After the beginner course he braved the heat and went to explore the controls around the lake. Some people are ready to move to the Intermediate course next meet! Hope to see you all.
Heated race unfolded among our most experienced. Two loops around the entire park provided for the number of choices while on course. Jeff Black edged David Bergset posting the best time of the day. Ole Bergset won the veterans category in the Veterans park over Andy Hill. Andy (once again) promised to start training so Ole beware! Karin tried one of the advanced courses showing very good time.
After the meet a group of the enthusiasts went for the mapping session at the Willow sport complex across the road. We should expect new map in Boise.
Here are the results in no particular order.

Beginner:  1.15k, 12 controls
JT Canning                      39:13
Larry Beck                      48:35
Moore Family                    1:30:33
Paul Pegorsch                   36:42

Intermediate:  3.75k, 13 controls
Karin Didesse                   32:42

Loop 1: 3.75k, 13 controls (L1)
Loop 2: 2.7k, 11 controls  (L2) L1    L2    Total
David Bergset                   23:30 21:29 44:59
Andy Hill                       28:39 29:25 58:04
Jeff Black                      22:04 21:08 43:12
Ole Bergset                     25:17 25:05 50:22
See you next time at Stewart Gulch (West). Ole is preparing something special for us.

Sergey Velichko