Willow Lane Park / Veterans Park Orienteering Results --- March 15, 2008

Late winter / spring time in Idaho, what would Mother Nature present to us? The weather man forecasted rain and possible hail by afternoon. Instead, the forces of nature were somewhat kind to us. Sunny to overcast skies, some minor wind, and cool temperatures when the sun hid behind the clouds.

Ten intrepid individuals decided to match wits against the weather and the flat courses along the Boise River. Besides finding control points the intermediate and advanced courses presented the opportunity for participants to attempt water crossings and fence jumping.

I wish to extend a special THUMBS UP to Masha Velichko, who due to the meet director's error (me) ran her first advanced course. Unknown to all she was incorrectly handed the advanced map instead of the intermediate course map. Masha successfully completed the course but not before causing a near panic amongst the other participants. Just as Bill Leahy was discussing the possible missing young woman scenario with the Greenbelt patrol officers, Masha was seen approaching the last control point, thus allowing everyone to breathe a sigh of relief (especially Sergey).

With only a single competitor in the Beginner division Masha Velichko had the course to her self and finished in an excellent time.

The Intermediate division had an official doubling of the numbers with two competitors. Jeff Decker and David Byrd battled for first place with Jeff coming out on top. Bill Leahy ran the intermediate course as his "second" run of the day but in fairness to the other two competitors his results will not be official.

The advanced course saw several competitors put up excellent times. Lee Scott went out first on the course and put up a time of 41:42 for the others to aspire to. Sergey was the only individual to better Lee's time and claimed first place honors. Jeff Black and Bill Leahy put on a spirited fight for third with Jeff coming out on top. Jeff may have been able to do better but he decided to not do battle with the traffic on Veterans Parkway and instead waited patiently for the road to clear. Doug LaMott, Michael Bading, Jay Morgan, and Masha all finished in excellent times.

Beginner - 1.31K (straight line map distance), six controls

Masha Velichko          12:47

Intermediate - 3.91K (straight line map distance), thirteen controls

Jeff Decker             39:57
David Byrd              42:04
Bill Leahy              31:48 (unofficial)

Advanced - 5.73K (straight line map distance), 21 controls

Sergey Velichko         38:24
Lee Scott               41:42
Jeff Black              42:15
Bill Leahy              43:32
Doug LaMott             46:00
Michael Bading          49:29
Jay Morgan              54:26
Masha Velichko          65:57

I wish to extend a note of appreciation to the co-director, Jeff Decker for his help and refreshments. Also, a big thanks to Jeff and Bill Leahy for helping to sweep the course for the controls.

Dan Herring