Hi there- here are the results from this Sunday's Ski Orienteering meet at Little Bear Basin Nordic area. Conditons were great with all trails freshly groomed and partly cloudy skies with occasional snow flurries. The only problem was some new trails that the enthusiastic groomer had added within the last week and I hadn't discovered in time to get on the map. We used 4 inch square orange and white plastic control markers on a PVC post which can be left up, but they are also harder to spot than our regular markers.

I talked a few local serious skiers into trying the novice course which they enjoyed and as they whizzed through it. Bob and Dondi's lack of familiarity with the trails gave them quite a bit of trouble when they got side tracked on some un-mapped trails and ended up with a long and confusing detour. Lee showed up early and whipped through the advanced course, while Jeff also had trouble with the intricate and sometimes unmapped trails. DeForest did a modified course which cut out a couple of controls, he was able to cut the distance off trail with his snowshoes.

The special control markers will be left up through March as a "trim" course so if you are interested in trying the course at a later date let me know or just check for a map in the yurt at the trailhead. I'll post the courses on the Yahoo website and mail out later.
Advanced 4.9km., 9.4km actual
Lee Scott (skate)              42:92
Jeff Black (skate)             1:32:50
DeForest Eveland (snowshoe)    DNF

Novice 2.3km, 4 km. actual
Tuck Miller (skate)            18:40
Dan & Lisa Ostermiller (skate) 20:36
Bob Didisse (classic)          1:25:37
Dondi Black (classic)          DNF

Thanks to all who came and hope you can make it to the next meet which will be Sat. March 15 at Willow and Veterans Park (starting in Willow).

- Karin Didisse, meet director