Hi again,

This definitely was an Orienteering Meet for and by beginners. We had no less than 10 individuals signing up for the EASY course. And this was also the very first time that the Coursesetters (the Bergsets - Erik, David and Ole) had set a course.

At least no one got lost - although we were duly notified that the last post on the ADVANCED course was misplaced by no less than 6 meters and 47 centimeters. The fact that the post could be seen from 20-30 meters away was NO 'Mitigating Circumstance'! The Coursesetters, however, believe the real problem was that the direct route to the post could get your feet WET. At least one runner had pretty soggy feet at the finish line!

Pat and Pam enjoyed the EASY course so much - they went out and did the INTERMEDIATE course as well. Terry, Sue and John enjoyed their 'stroll thru the park' - hope to see you again. Dennis and Jack might be the ones setting the pace on the EASY course next time around. Ben did the EASY course as well, but he is definitely ready for more challenge - and will probably do the INTERMEDIATE next time. Debbie, Jen and Nick cruised thru the INTERMEDIATE and wished they had done the ADVANCED - next time out we expect you to give Jeff some competition! Brian and Kyle are already helping keep the front runners 'honest' (just 12 seconds behind Andy) - now, if they can just get thru the whole course without making a pit-stop!

Of course, Jeff is going to be a hard nut to crack - I think he has figured out how to win these races. The weekend before our O-meet he did a TRAINING run in Florida - the Disney Marathon - where he placed 64th out of 20,000 - in a superb time of 2:58:54. Congratulations!!!!

After everyone had gone home Karin and Bob Didisse showed up to tell 'everyone' about the February 16 O-meet at Ponderosa Park in McCall - skis or snowshoes. Thanks, Karin, for picking up all the posts on the ADVANCED course!

David and Ole B.


Final results:

EASY: 8 controls
Ben Mathewson                     21:50
Dennis & Jack Thomas              35:20
Paul Pegorsch                     36:30
Mike Daly                         38:00
Pat & Pam McDonald                39:05
Terri Blackwell, Sue & John Hintz 49:50

INTERMEDIATE: 11 controls
Debbie Parsons, Jen Garretson & Nick 30:23
Pat & Pam McDonald                 1:18:10

ADVANCED: 14 controls
Jeff Black                        28:25
Andy Hill                         30:50
Brian Baker & Kyle                31:02
Karen & Bob Didisse               52:50