Click here for PNWOF2001 photos posted by Paula Whipple and Jeff Watson.

Please, find below all 100s of pictures (thumbs) that Jerry Rhodes took during the PNWOF2001!
Here is his message:
        You may order prints of any of these photos (heavyweight, glossy, 
        inkjet photo paper), or request high-resolutions digital copies and 
        print your own. Any net income from purchase of these photos will 
        go into the Columbia River Orienteering Club map fund, dedicated to 
        creating new maps for future PNWOF meets.
        Send your check made out to "CROC" to Jerry Rhodes, 15005 NE 48th 
        St., Vancouver, WA 98682. Please give the name of the photo, the 
        size you'd like, and the quantity. It would also help us make sure 
        we have the right photo if you print off a copy and include it with 
        your order.
        Prices (including shipping):
             3.5 X 5.........$4.00
             5 X 7...........$6.00
             8 X 10..........$8.00
             High-resolution digital (e-mailed to the address you provide
             after your order is received)......$4.00
        For more information, contact Jerry by e-mail, 

Also Jerry contacted the T-shirt printer and has the following message:
        If enough people express interest, the T-shirt printer has agreed to make 
        up some sweatshirts with the PNWOF '01 twin salmon design. The color of the 
        shirt is heather (neither white nor red being entirely satisfactory). The 
        cost is $24.

        We need to order a minimum number of shirts to be cost effective, so please 
        let Jerry Rhodes (o_boy_red@hotmail.com) if you would like to buy one or 
        more. We'll wait until Labor Day for inquiries, but will have to close the 
        offer at that time. Jerry will let you know then if we'll be able to do the 
        shirts, and how to send your remuneration.
Look at this photo for a sample of the art: Wonderful PNWOF T-shirt.

Wait for all thumbs to download - it may take quite a time - be patient!
To save a thumb right click on it and select Save Picture As... You can later attach it to your email to Jerry.

If you would like to see what the high-resolution photos look like, we've included a copy of one photo that's higher resolution than these thumbnails. Although it's about half the resolution of the photos we'll print or e-mail to you, it will give you a better idea of the photo quality than these thumbnails. Just click here.
It may take some time to download this beautiful picture but it is worthwhile, belive me! - Sergey

brooks01.jpg brooks02.jpg brooks03.jpg brooks04.jpg brooks05.jpg brooks06.jpg brooks07.jpg brooks08.jpg brooks09.jpg brooks10.jpg brooks11.jpg brooks12.jpg brooks13.jpg brooks14.jpg brooks15.jpg brooks16.jpg brooks17.jpg brooks18.jpg brooks19.jpg brooks20.jpg brooks21.jpg brooks22.jpg brooks23.jpg brooks24.jpg brooks25.jpg brooks26.jpg brooks27.jpg brooks28.jpg brooks29.jpg brooks30.jpg brooks31.jpg brooks32.jpg brooks33.jpg brooks34.jpg brooks35.jpg brooks36.jpg brooks37.jpg brooks38.jpg brooks39.jpg brooks40.jpg brooks41.jpg brooks42.jpg brooks43.jpg brooks44.jpg brooks45.jpg brooks46.jpg brooks47.jpg brooks48.jpg brooks49.jpg brooks50.jpg brooks51.jpg brooks52.jpg brooks53.jpg brooks54.jpg brooks55.jpg brooks56.jpg brooks57.jpg brooks58.jpg brooks59.jpg brooks60.jpg brooks61.jpg brooks62.jpg brooks63.jpg brooks64.jpg brooks65.jpg brooks66.jpg brooks67.jpg brooks68.jpg brooks69.jpg brooks70.jpg brooks71.jpg brooks72.jpg brooks73.jpg brooks74.jpg brooks75.jpg brooks76.jpg brooks77.jpg brooks78.jpg brookspan.jpg cleelum01.jpg cleelum02.jpg cleelum03.jpg cleelum04.jpg cleelum05.jpg cleelum06.jpg cleelum07.jpg cleelum08.jpg cleelum09.jpg cleelum10.jpg cleelum11.jpg cleelum12.jpg cleelum13.jpg cleelum14.jpg cleelum15.jpg cleelum16.jpg cleelum17.jpg cleelum19.jpg cleelum20.jpg cleelum21.jpg cleelum22.jpg riverside01.jpg riverside02.jpg riverside03.jpg riverside04.jpg riverside05.jpg riverside06.jpg riverside07.jpg riverside08.jpg riverside09.jpg

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