Pacific Northwest Orienteering Festival 2001

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PNWOF 2001 
Brooks Memorial State Park, Goldendale WA
June 23-24, 2001
PNWOF 2001 started off with a great first two days at Brooks
Memorial State Park (and the adjoining Boise-Cascade timber
land), the two of the festival's five event days handled
primarily by CROC. We had a total of 188 participants
at Brooks, with the course breakdown roughly as follows:
blue-nearly 20, red-over 40, green-nearly 70 (!), brown-about 20,
other courses-about 35. Nearly half of the competitors
made it to the park for our Friday evening packet pickup
time. A little over half of the 200+ PNWOF registrants
were from WA, OR or CA; folks came from all over the US and
Canada, as well as a few from Europe and even a few from
New Zealand.

Our event center was well-equipped, with a LARGE new club tent
for all administrative activities, a separate first aid tent,
a child care area (staffed by two recent 4-H childcare
trainees), bulletin board, lost and found, vendor area (Gale's-O),
and four portable toilets. In addition, a String-O course was set
up on Saturday and enjoyed by several of the youngest orienteers.
Apples, oranges, Gookinaid and water were available at the
finish for participants on both days. Results were entered on
and printed by computer at the park. The nearby group camp area was
reserved for event staff and volunteers, and many of the public
camping spaces at Brooks were used by PNWOF attendees. Both the
Three Creeks Resort and Pine Springs Resort near Brooks Park opened
early on Saturday and Sunday to provide early breakfasts. The
Brooks ranger staff continued their friendly and helpful tradition
from our past two events at the park. 

Saturday started off with a surprise, as two course pre-runners
reported encountering a bear in the woods, along with two cubs!
(Andy Dale came particularly close on his blue course pre-run; no
other encounters were reported, fortunately!) All start locations,
courses, and the finish were set up and run smoothly. One water 
control was discovered misplaced on the Saturday blue course, but was
quickly corrected early on. Rain, heavy at times, set in towards the
end of the Sunday's competition and awards ceremony. The long walk
(nearly 3km) to the Sunday advanced start turned out to be less of
a problem than expected for most; competitors were then treated
to a mostly downhill run. A separate, closer white/yellow start was
used on Sunday.

Overall, we heard many wonderful comments from a wide variety of
PNWOF attendees on all aspects of our two days at Brooks - 
great courses, nice event center, neat awards (wooden
animals, handmade by John Harbuck), and lots of friendly
folks. We're glad it all went so well - our thanks to those
who came to our neck of the woods for the Pacific Northwest
Orienteering Festival!

- John Bartholomew & Brian Hauck
  PNWOF Brooks site co-directors 

PNWOF 2001 
PNWOF 2001 Relay, Bullfrog Flats, Cle Elum WA June 25, 2001
June 25, 2001 

Broken car, rain-pouring skies, two hour traffic jam - that was the
beginning.  Bright sun, smiles, and applause - that was the end. 
PNWOF2001 Relays began more then interesting when the meet directorís
car broke; we were late for the Sunday dinner stuck in the traffic jam,
and it started to rain after all. However, next day Mother Nature showed
us the bright side of her character and awarded all with perfect weather,
warm air, and light winds to cool runners down after the finish. Monday
morning the crew, under direction of crew chief Andy Hill, arrived early
to build the finish chute and prepare Rosylin High Schoolís sport complex
for the PNWOF2001 Relays. City of Trees Orienteering Club (CTOC) was the
host of the event. It was the first event of this size that our club has
ever handled and I hope that everybody enjoyed it.

Finally, all controls were erected in the woods and anxious first leg
runners from all 30 teams lined up in one row. Of course, nobody can fool
those experienced runners with the tricky 180 degree turn at the beginning!
The whole pack took off at high speed disappearing in the woods! Mike Schuh
was ready to provide his famous sound coverage and entertainment for the rest
of the crowd with his scouts at the first control (Bruce McAlister - course
consultant and vetter), the water control, in the middle of all of the legs
(Sherry Litasi), and at the warning control (Bruce and Glen Cafferty). First
report from the first control was - the whole pack missed it about 50 meters
passing and heading farther South. Bill Cusworth, the leader of the run-away
pack and first leg winner, explained later that pressure of the competition
raised his adrenaline too high. It didnít spoil the moment since the leaders
would catch up with the rest and pass them along the lengthy leg. Report from
the water control was - 2 BAOC teams and Team Home Field Advantage from COC
formed the leading group. Finally, everyone cheered first leg finishers who
passed the finish line specialist Bob Reddick on their way to the transfer line.
Taking turns CTOC members Jeff Black, David Bergset, Karin Didisse, Bob Didisse,
Dasha Velichko, and Joell Ramirez wonderfully handled all Finish and Result area
tasks as well as running for the two CTOC teams. Careful organization allowed
them to compete against the finest teams and gain much needed experience for
future success. Meanwhile, relay drama unfolded and proceeded forward with three
mentioned above teams taking turns in leading. At the end, BAOC team (Bruce Wolfe,
Wyatt Riley, and  Syd Reader) showed time 1:40:57, which was the best time of the
day winning almost 3 minutes over the second team from COC (Bill Cusworth, Debbie
Newell, and Eric Bone) which was first in the 3 points team category. Team U2K
from COC (Matej Urban, Jennifer Knowles, and Jan Urban) was first in the 6 points
team category. Winners received medals, awards, and lots of applause.

Dasha Velichko, Scott Drumm, and Frank Scorina handled all recreational courses
that attracted 20 course explorers. Orange and Green recreational courses were the
same as the relay legs. Additional White course was set for our young competitors.

Special thanks to Eric Bone, Bill Cusworth, Terry Farrah, and Jeff Black for helping
to collect all control bags after the meet. Also special and many thanks to Ericís
mom Margie Bone for giving me ride to Spokane; Bresermanís family for taking care of
my daughter Dasha; and Jennifer Knowles, Annabel Feinendez-Valledor  and Andy Dale for
generously taken care about my belongings as well.

All income from the relay will go to support our USA Orienteering Team. We hope that
you liked the event and had fun. We plan to make it a tradition for the PNWOFs.

Sergey Velichko
PNWOF Cle Elum site directors 

I want to thank TrendWest Resort, Inc. for generously allowing us to use their land
for the relays. It is not often that we have an opportunity to run at the site of the
future golf course. And, finally, again I want to mention and thank many times the
following people who made this meet such fun and enjoyable event:
Andy Hill - our finish crew chief
Jeff Black
David Bergset
Karin Didisse
Bob Didisse
Joell Ramirez
Dasha Velichko
Masha Velichko
Scott Drumm
Bob Reddick
Mike Schuh - our sound system master
Bruce McAlister
Bill Cusworth
Eric Bone
Terry Farrah
Bruce and Glen Cafferty
Sherry Litasi
and many, many others

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Updated July 12, 2001